Tuesday, November 1, 2011

I Would Be Leery Of Any Company That Asks You To Pay Any Type Of An Upfront Payment Without Telling

I would be leery of any company that asks you to pay any type of an upfront payment without telling you what you can get for that upfront payment. Some of these companies make thousands of dollars a year sucking in people who are interested in making money online.
These companies use less than ethical techniques to find people who are in dire straits who are silly enough to think that work from home opportunities are a good money-making deal and that for $19.95 you can learn all the secrets. Take my word for it, it does not work that way. On top of that if you do your own research, you’ll find that these companies are all in there for one reason -- to take your 19.95 and to pop your email into a list that they can sell for hundreds of dollars to their fellow scam artists.


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